The Minturn Mile

The Minturn Mile is one of the most famous "off-piste" or "out-of-bounds" ski runs in the world. It is accessed from the top of chairs 3 or 7 on Vail Mountain and then by taking the out of bounds access gate at the top of the turn on the "Lost Boy" trail. An ability level of upper intermediate or better is suggested to enjoy the experience. The Minturn Mile is made up of varying terrain beginning with bowl type terrain before proceeding into the trees. Midway down one will get to the "beaver ponds" where many people enjoy a break before heading on. The lower portion is affectionately known as "the luge". It is essentially an old jeep road/game trail so it is fairly narrow in spots.

It is important to know that if you come down the Minturn Mile that you have left Vail Mountain and are in terrain that is not patrolled. If you have an accident you are on your own. Any safety rescue may result in financial charges for the person(s) being rescued. The Minturn Saloon does not encourage anyone to ski the Minturn Mile without full knowledge of the terrain and snow conditions as well as the responsibility and skills needed for "out-of-bounds" skiing. Anyone skiing or boarding the Minturn Mile should be prepared with the proper equipment, tools and accessories that one would take for backcountry skiing. You may unintentionally spend more time out there than you planned on! That being said, it is a great run and a wonderful experience best done with friends and ending at the Minturn Saloon for refreshments.

Powder Day at the Minturn Mile (SummitDaily)